27 Oct 2014

Spending money on a new website?

Spending money on a new website without having a Social Media strategy in place is like getting all dressed up but then not going out!

No one will notice.

16 years ago the most common question I was asked was

"do you think we need a website?

The answer of course was yes.

Today the most common question I'm asked is

"do we need to be on Social Media?

The simple answer is again yes but things are not so simple anymore.

Today a business will spend a lot of money on a website and then do nothing to drive traffic toward it.

It is not just about having a single online presence on the Internet. There are new digital marketing platforms being launched daily (it seems).

But having spent all your money on building a shiny new website maybe the question should be

"how do I drive traffic to my website?

The simple answer ... Social Media!