23 Jun 2014

Every Tourism Business needs a Blog

Without a Blog your Social Media strategy will be incomplete, flawed and incapable of driving the business benefits you require.

But for some reason Hotels are not using them as often or as effectively as they should be and this is a mistake.

The humble Blog should actually be the cornerstone of your Social Media marketing activity.

Blogs are simple to create, easy to maintain and cost very little. They enable you to post regular up to date local information, new photos and customer feedback. Services like Blogger automatically render a Mobile friendly version of the site so your content can be accessed by smartphone users.

Importantly, Google has changed the way it rates websites in the last year: Sites with regular updates of new content do better than static sites. A Blog embedded or linked to your main website is the easiest way to refresh your website. Google LOVES Blogs!

I hear many people tell me that they don't know what content to put on a Blog. These are the sorts of things I would be putting up - they may be the ideas to get you started:

Going Out
List the best five restaurants within walking distance of your hotel - i.e. the best in YOUR opinion, customers are interested in your recommendation and why.

Most hotel guests spend most of their time close to their hotel or apartments. When they go out to eat most of them walk to a nearby restaurant but don’t know which are the best ones. By recommending the best you are helping them get the most out of their stay which they'll remember you for.

Don't be afraid to include your own restaurant but don't assume that people will want to eat there every night of their stay.

A Blog post containing the five top restaurants within easy walking distance of your hotel is the perfect way to help your guests. Include directions on how to get there and link to a Google map showing each restaurant’s exact location (great for SEO).

You can do the same for local Visitor Attractions, Shopping and Nightspots.

Provide answers to the five most common questions your guests ask your receptionist. Your guests probably ask the same questions repeatedly at your reception desk.

Why not answer the five most common questions on your Blog, creating a separate post for each one? This not only helps your guests, but is also a great way of letting them know about your Blog.

Interviews with happy customers
Offer satisfied customers a free meal in exchange for an interview about their stay in your hotel. Take some quality photos of them enjoying the facilities and publish the interview as a Blog post.

There is nothing better for social media engagement than showing real people enjoying your facilities. These same people will also share this content via their own Social Networks spreading your reputation even further.

The recipe for your bar’s most successful cocktail
Do your guests love the mojitos, or are they fans of your barman’s own creations? Why not share the recipe with your Blog readers and Facebook fans, along with a great photo of people enjoying their drinks?

You can even include a how to video showing people exactly how to prepare it. NB Google LOVES Video!

Provide details of what events are on locally. This information should be easily sourced from your local tourist board or events listing magazines. Give people more ideas and reasons why they should stay with you, how much they will enjoy themselves and how much you care that they do.

Sharing this type of information encourages loyalty, gets people talking about how good your service is and keeps Google happy.

As ever, if you need help with Blogging and Social Media please GET IN TOUCH