1 Aug 2012

Survey: How good is Tourism Marketing where you live?

Tourism (or Destination) Marketing is under serious scrutiny right now. 

Issues about Public Sector funding, responsible tourism, the legality of consumer marketing by the Public Sector, how to better engage the Private Sector and many others are being discussed at many levels right across the planet. 

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It would be really good to get YOUR opinion on how you feel your local area is being marketed. Please spare a few minutes to take the survey. Thanks in advance. 

The survey is particularly interested in finding out how 'good' you believe Tourism Marketing to be where you live.
This is a joint initiative by the WHL Group, the Local Travel Movement and Planeta.com, a pioneering website focusing on conscious travel around the globe. 

They have set-up a short (eight-question) survey, through which they are endeavouring to understand how localities are promoted, to review how satisfied (or not) you are with processes in place and then to curate good practices and suggestions for improving tourism promotion.

Ethan Gelber writing in TravelWord says "Against all expectations in our constantly squabbling tourism industry, a sort of consensus seems to be emerging about how ably the majority of tourism marketing organisations are representing their clients: not really all that well, especially when it comes to today’s swiftly changing travel climate and to representing the interests of local communities and travellers keen on interacting with them."

Are you involved in tourism in your locale? Do you have a strong feeling about the nature and quality of your locale’s marketing and promotional efforts? They are very eager to hear from you. Your participation is completely voluntary (of course) and your survey responses will be held in strict confidence. The results will be shared online, but only anonymously and/or in the aggregate, thus protecting your identity.

Whatever your relationship to tourism is, your opinion is really valued. Take the survey

Article Source: The TravelWord