16 Jul 2012

Perfect Curve's Digital Strategy - Twenty Twelve

Truth be told there is an awful lot of rubbish spouted about Social Media. 

For something that should actually be quite simple there can be some pretty impressive attempts by Agencies, Consultancies and Social Media 'gurus' to over complicate, confuse and bamboozle us ordinary folks. Take a look.

If you meet someone who, in real life speaks like Siobhan in this video...run! Run as quickly as you can, as far as you can as soon as you can!

This video is of course taken from the BBC2 'Twenty Twelve' Olympic spoof programme - it's not real but I have actually met quite a few people like Siobhan in my time though :)

More about this video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01f87nh Digital is one of the most crucial things for a modern brand manager to get right, so the pressure is on for Siobhan to explain her strategy. Twitter, Facebook, Mashable and even MySpace all have their part to play in creating the digital legacy for the games.