13 Jul 2012

How Facebook is Shaping Your Travel Decisions

Social engagement at Innovation Norway

Believe it or not, Facebook may help you plan your next trip.

Recent studies reveal that what matters most when planning a trip is not where you’re going, but rather who you know that has already traveled to that destination. Without a doubt, the ubiquitous marketing tool’s unique brand interaction is setting a new beat to the travel pulse.

While trusted travel brands unquestionably provide valuable trip advice, word of mouth from a loyal group of friends may be more worthwhile. That all-too-familiar computer screen gaze at flashing photographs of friends in exotic places around the world is apparently enough for daydreamers to start packing. According to a 2011 poll featured on UK-based flight comparison site Skyscanner.com, 52% of Facebook users stated that seeing friends’ vacation pictures inspired them to book a trip to that particular place.

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