13 Jun 2012

Hilton Is Where the People Are

This article first appeared on the Digital Royalty website
The following is a GREAT example of how hospitality businesses should be using Twitter to engage with an audience.

That one of the world's largest hotel groups can get this right on such a detailed and local scale is impressive enough - but it's also so SIMPLE.

DMOs too can learn from this example - I hope they do.

When Twitter rolled around 6-years ago, users were just getting a feel for 140 characters. Fast-forward to today and there are companies who have found that such limited space can be the precise real estate to provide almost omniscient-like customer service.

Hilton Worldwide has launched an initiative called Hilton Suggests, which aids travelers all around the world to help them find everything from the best burger joint to the perfect park for scenic views and walking paths, wherever they may be located at the time of their tweet.

Hilton Suggests communicates solely through Twitter to help those in various destinations find the things that will make their travel easier. The customer service organization lets users know that all suggestions are based on their team members’ personal experience and opinion.

Simply put, someone might ask about the best iconic places for walking and dining in the Los Angeles area and @HiltonSuggests will reply with the places that they’ve experienced to be the best- Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. The team does their best job to help others in the cities listed on their Twitter background, here.

Hilton Worldwide sees the value in dialogue exchange with their fellow travelers around the world. They understand the need to help their loyalists by providing simple messages through social media. In essence, they are where the people are and they have found an entry point into the people’s conversation. This entrance is where the relationship begins and the social customer service magic happens.

The intent behind the @HiltonSuggests initiative is genuine and selfless. Two key components in building relationships.

Keep it simple with social media. It’s time to get back to the basics.

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