25 Jun 2012

Best Tweet by a DMO - ever! But now what?

Credit where credit's due and @VisitEngland hit the spot when England's footballers failed to win on penalties in #Euro2012.

A brilliant tweet which says so much about our national character and sense of humour. It was retweeted over 8,000 times in less than a day!

But now what?

That's the leading question asked by @RichardGillis1 on his Unofficial Partner blog. He also asks 

"What’s the strategy being employed here? Is there one? Is it to be smart and ironic at major ‘English’ moments? Is it just to get noticed in any way possible?

Is that the Visit England brand? Is that the story its telling in all its marketing output? Or is it something else?

And who is tweeting exactly? Some Shoreditch agency on double time or a 21 year old staffer, or the CEO? Are we expected to treat @VisitEngland as a trusted friend now?"

Great questions and the challenge for @VisitEngland now is precisely that - what happens next? 

Can we expect more of the same - unlikely, unless they have access to England's funniest and most astute commentators able to feed them classic one-liners when the occasion demands. Now there's an idea - I'm sure @JimmyCarr would have some material and @StephenFry could improve on his VisitEngland TV advert.