10 Apr 2012

5 Social Media Time Savers

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Instagram, Quora, Digg, YouTube, etc. etc. There are so many different social media venues… I find it impossible to keep up with them all!

While I think it’s absolutely essential for small businesses to utilize the massive (and totally free) advertising and promotional opportunities provided by social media; I’m also the first to admit that they can be a HUGE time-suck. I could literally spend my entire day learning, doing, trying, promoting, and using these different social media applications… but I don’t.

The key for me is to do as much as I can in as little time as possible.

I have personally wasted way too much time scrolling through various social media applications with no real purpose in mind. So lately, I’ve been scaling back a bit and trying to limit the time I spend on social media throughout the day.

Here’s how I make the most of my social media time.

1. I schedule posts, questions, tips, etc. for the entire week.

I know there’s a debate on whether this is good social-media practice or not; but it seems to work well for me. It keeps me in front of my audience, gives them opportunities to respond and interact, and saves me LOADS of time!

I use Hootsuite to schedule my posts for Facebook and Twitter and I usually schedule 2 or 3 each day.

2. I get email updates once or twice a day.

Most social media applications offer the option to have updates, comments, replies, etc. emailed to you on a regular basis. I love this because then I don’t need to manually click through to all my different applications to see if anyone has responded or asked a question.

Instead, I get the email notification and can quickly and easily respond to all the questions, comments, and posts at one time. Then I’m done!

3. I use my phone ALL the time.

I downloaded the apps for all my favorite social media platforms and use my phone to do most of my social media “work”.

I might post a quick update, upload a photo, or respond to questions when I’m waiting in line, riding in the car, in-between appointments, etc. That way, I’m not wasting my productive time… but instead, just making good use of my otherwise “wasted time”. And of course, this makes me feel even more productive!

4. I focus on my favorites.

Like I mentioned earlier — there is absolutely no way I could actively participate in ALL the different social media applications. It would take up my entire day!

So instead, I focus the majority of my social media time on my favorite applications (and the ones that are the most fruitful for my business). Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest generate the most traffic for my blog — so I those are the 3 I invest majority of my time in as well. The rest either get “ignored” or are only used when I have extra time.

5. I set a timer.

No, I don’t always do this, but there are times when I set a timer for 10 minutes and make it a race to see how much I can accomplish in that short amount of time. This is a great way to assure I don’t get “sucked in” and waste hours and hours on the computer.

I’m definitely not a social media expert, but I am pretty good at managing my time… and these five tips have really helped me to scale back the time I spend on social media each week.

What are your best social media time-saving tips?

ORIGINAL ARTICLE BY Andrea Dekker on Bostinno.com