8 Mar 2012

Stratford-upon-Avon: An Instagram Tour

Shakespeare Lived Here
Recently I was lucky enough to get invited to Stratford-upon-Avon to speak at a Social Media event. 

I'd never been to Stratford before and was keen to see the birthplace of William Shakespeare - one of the world's best and original bloggers (I'm sure Shakespeare mentioned 'blog' somewhere!). Unfortunately I would only get to spend a little time there but I always travel in the hope that whatever time is spent somewhere new is time well spent.

I left my house on the Wirral in bright sunshine (which, by the way, is normal) only to be met by thick fog on the M6 (also normal), but fortunately arrived in Stratford not only in bright sunshine again but also one hour early. Enough time to do a little exploring.

Walking into town I soon noticed that many of the local businesses had done their bit in helping to promote Stratford as the birthplace of Shakespeare and, in doing so, creating a sense of place through the trading names they had given themselves.

This is my instagram tour of some prime examples.

This Indian restaurant chose to celebrate the 'thespians' that
grace the stage for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Carrying on the theatre theme this pub is called the 'Encore'
and features a portrait of the great man himself.

The local dress shop has been named after Cordelia

The Food of Love - perfect name for the sandwich shop
(hang on wasn't music - not sarnies - the food of love?)

Othello has a restaurant - but what about poor Yorick?
If anyone needs a meal it's him!

Anne Hathaway has some tea rooms named after her
whilst Marlowe also gets a Restaurant!

Elsewhere I saw signs for Will's Bar and the Bard's Walk and of course Stratford still has some impressively old buildings from Shakespeare's time. It's a lovely place.

I must admit though to being quite disappointed at other businesses who, quite frankly, didn't even try. Like the mobile phone supplier...

Phones 4sooth!