26 Mar 2012

Google+ - the impact on hotel SEO strategies

Like it or not, but Google has the power to dictate what businesses must do to be successful. At least online. 

For hotels, Google’s latest “Search Plus Your World” personalized search feature is a clear message to launch that Google+ Page for your hotel, and start to actively interact with other Google+ users.

With such a large market share, Google is able to dictate what businesses must do to be successful. With a greater emphasis on social relevancy and personalization comes the expectation that businesses will catch up – sooner rather than later.

As Google seems to be favoring its own social networks, it is imperative that hotels develop a Google+ page. While some hotels have already created pages, the adoption rate is not as quick as Facebook and there is still room to be an “early adopter” in this channel. -

In no uncertain terms, the more you interact with other Google+ users in your circles, the greater the likelihood that your content & activity will show up in personalized search results.