19 Mar 2012

8 Handy Twitter Tips

The Japanese have a concept called Kaizen. Basically it means continual improvement. 

Even just a little improvement is fine. 

Regular improvement is best - not improvement in fits and starts. Improvement rarely happens by itself or as an accident. Like nearly everything else good it takes a bit of work.

What I am recommending here is a 20-30 minute check through, or improvement session on your Twitter account that if done every week will reap you enormous reward. Of course it can be split into 2 or 3 shorter sessions as well. And do not be afraid to do even more if you value your Twitter account enough and have the time! The twitter chat option in number 5 will take you a bit longer but you can multi-task a little during that!

1. Bio and Background
Change your bio or your background a little. Keep re-inventing yourself or trying something new. Your bio is searchable and many people use search robots to decide who they follow. So rotating words connected to your niche may attract those followes. Study the bios of others and get ideas. Always great to be keeping things fresh and applying what the best people are doing.

2. Lists
Check who has listed you. Say thank you to the ones who have genuinely listed you in something. When I mean genuinely I mean ignore computer-generated lists sich as by Formulists. This is a fantastic way of finding if you are sticking to your niche. People will list you as THEY see you. These are also your real fans and it is a great idea to list them back. To take this a little further you might like to check who has followed lists you have made. These people really are your big fans.

3. Follows
How many have you followed? How many have followed you? Tweedadder? Not who so much who is following you although this is always interesting. Do not worry about who has unfollowed you. People have various reasons for unfollowing. There really is no point in worrying

4. How many times have you tweeted?
Have you been consistent? We are looking for consistency. About 20 tweets a day is ideal for the average account. Just keep a note of what total you were at last week.

5. Twitter Chats
Join a twitter chat meet other tweeters, network with highly active, engaging people. You will also help brand yourself to your followers. You will also learn how to tweet. Twebevent has a directory of over 400 regular twitter chats. If you are interested , for example, in learning about new online tools and networking with others like you join us for #toolschat at 10 pm New York Time every Wednesday. If your thing is LinkedIn try #linkedinchat. Employment issues try #jobschat etc etc.You can just checkin in and out of these things too. It is best to participate for the whole hour but just showing your face is way better than nothing!

6. New Tools
What new tools are you using? It is great to least one or two. These might be time-saving tools or might be tools that increase the reach of your account. For example for time saving you might try Tweetadder. For reach I mean something like Twylah which will preserve your most appreciated tweets and also give your Twitter account search engine optimization. Or Visibli which will brand your tweets.

7. Retweets and mentions?
Are they increasing? Do you know how to look at “My Tweets Retweeted”? How about your Follow Friday endorsements? These do not mean so much but it would nice to be think that these would be steadily increasing as your Twitter account grows.

8. Did you stick to your niche?
Have a look at your last 20-30 tweets on your profile page. Would someone be able to pinpoint the 3 main things that your twitter account is about by looking at these 20-30 tweets? Were you fun, engaging and informative?

Twitter is such a powerful tool for so many reasons. Connection, news, promotion and more. Do not expect to get a radically increased presence overnight. Do expect to get a gradually improving presence if you follow this weekly ritual.