27 Feb 2012

YODEL - How NOT To Do Social Media

Here's a great example of a potentially commercially catastrophic social media accident actually happening right in front of our eyes. 

I've collected a range of Tweets that have appeared over the last week or so and compiled them into Storify. These are conversations that are happening right now, on-line in real time with the potential to seriously damage YODEL's reputation.

YODEL - How Not To Engage In Social Media

A live snapshot of how the national delivery company YODEL is 'dealing' with what customers are saying about them on Twitter. Reputation management at its worst perhaps! The following is just a 'selection' of what is being said about the company. @YodelNews has not responded to ANY of them.
  1. YODEL's most recent tweet was on 20th February 2012 where they proudly announced " Did you know that Yodel delivers over 200 million parcels every year?"

    Since then they have not tweeted at all despite the following being said about them.
  2. This must be worrying - people suggesting that they boycott certain companies because they use YODEL as their delivery service. Could be an extremely expensive problem for YODEL.
  3. “The vast majority of our deliveries run smoothly for our clients and their customers, however where issues do occur we take customer service very seriously and work to resolve them as swiftly as possible.”  this was a quote from the company that appeared in Commercial Investor last Christmas. 
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    @YodelNews - the most dysfunctional delivery service Ive ever encountered. Why is it so difficult 2do what u say u will,when you say u will?
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    @YodelNews and affiliate HDNL are absolutely useless. Guaranteed delivery yesterday, nobody turns up and they claim to have left a card
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    @karlsjmurray @yodelnews are SHIIIIT! Wouldn't deliver to my work address because it was "out of sight of their van", worse than @RoyalMail!
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    Today while I'm at work, @YodelNews tried again. When a company has a parody account, @NotYodel, you know they must be shit!
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    I missed a delivery from @YodelNews so I went to their website and rearranged it for my day off on Thurday. I waited in all day, no one came
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    Are they called 'yodel' because thats the kind of anguished cry you emit when you discover they've cocked up your delivery again? @yodelnews
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    Just as well @yodelnews put that card through my door... Oh hang on, no card BECAUSE YOU NEVER CAME TO MY DOOR!
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    Not the first time @yodelnews screwed me around either. Last time they left my new duvets & pillows in my wheelie bin!
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    @Yodelnews are THE worst courier company! I ordered a play pen and new baby monitor yesterday, both supposed to be delivered today...
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    @yodelnews are such a useless waste of time. never going to use them (or companies that use them) ever again.
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    @YodelNews ParcelHistory: says "Delivery tried,awaiting instruction" twice a day last week! I was at home but no doorbell ring! Where is it?
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    @blackjaw1980 @YodelNews My *favourite* bit was waiting on hold for an hour and half, then being disconnected. Laugh? I almost, etc...
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    @YodelNews absolutely terrible service from yodel today!
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    RT @lhoward1984: why do @yodelnews have a redelivery card asking me to contact them to arrange redelivery and NOT put a contact number on. @notyodel. #jokers
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    @YodelNews: Did you know that Yodel delivers over 200 million parcels every year? Yeah, right. And 99% are delivered on time. @madeupstats
  20. If you were YODEL how would you be dealing with this? Email martyn@ivisitorguide.com and let me know your thoughts. 
    Needless to say if you run a tourism business do not let this happen to you - learn how to manage your on line reputation. 
QUICK UPDATE: 21sr March 2012

I just checked the @YodelNews account again to see if they had begun responding to any of these continuing complaints.


and that't it.

Still not listening obviously!