15 Feb 2012

Responsible Tourism Week

We’re in the middle of Responsible Tourism Week – a global unconference made possible by the hard work and dedication of Ron Mader and anyone who is committed to sharing ideas related to creating a tourism sector that doesn’t cost the earth. 

If you want to know how you can contribute, check out Ron’s slideshow here .
Tweet this link (don’t forget the hashtag #RTWEEK2012) and encourage your friends and colleagues to get involved; join Ron’s wiki, contribute case studies; and, wherever possible travel responsibly. All you have to do is budget some time to draw attention to the need for and benefits of creating travel experiences that maximise the net benefit to host communities.

Original article at Conscious Travel

What is Conscious Travel?

Conscious Travel is a movement, a community and a learning program that enables places to attract and welcome guests in a manner that doesn’t cost the earth.

The operating model that has created a global tourism industry is dying and a new model is emerging. The rules of the game are being re-invented, right now.

Tourism is system of three elements: Places, Guests and Hosts. As such, it’s all about PEOPLE. If people change their values and their perception of how the world works, then everything else changes.