8 Dec 2011

How to optimize your hotel for social media?

Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon – so those hotels that optimize for social media and learn how to use it to their advantage will gain the competitive edge over hotels that are still dragging their feet. 

For hotels that do not currently have a social media strategy because they’re scared of the investment costs, here are some free and easy ways to get started in social media.
  • Register with sites, such as TripAdvisor, that have user generated content. There’s not much maintenance for the hotel, besides responding to user comments. That also means there’s not a lot of control on the hotel’s end in terms of the content or pictures being posted for your property.
  • Create a Facebook and Google+ Business page. Social media affects search engine results, so the more “Likes” or “+1”and visits on your page, the more likely your hotel will be visible in search results over other area hotels.
  • Create a Twitter profile. Stimulate conversations with your followers, and announce specials or contests quickly (140 characters or less) and easily to hundreds of people. Encourage your followers to re-tweet your tweets and you’ve just reached their networks with little to no effort on your side.
  • Start a blog. Personalize your hotel with a voice and stories. Encourage guests to write quick blog posts about their stay at your hotel or comment on your posts. Any platform where you can control or respond to the conversation about your property, the better.
Remember that social media is a fantastic marketing base in which your hotel can advertise specials, contests, and last-minute rates to a large number of viewers that, without social media, might not otherwise have happened. 

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