26 Mar 2016

The Social Media recipe for success!

It's one thing having all the ingredients necessary to make a cake, but without knowing a recipe and having the right equipment, it is unlikely that you will succeed. 

However, with the ingredients and diligently following the recipe given to you by Delia (or Heston) then that cake will soon be coming out of the oven freshly baked for everyone to enjoy.

But will it be as good as the one Delia or Heston made? 

It seems to me that a great deal that is written about Social Media marketing is based on the assumption that everyone knows (and has) all the ingredients necessary to whip up a successful campaign.

In my experience though there are many people out there still trying to get to grips with what the ingredients are, let alone know where to go to get a recipe.

Let me give you some pointers. 

Here are the Social Media ingredients that most businesses need and some reasons why:
  • Twitter - the best way to quickly find the people you'd love to welcome as new customers  
  • LinkedIn - a key platform for raising your profile within the corporate sector
  • YouTube - the global video platform that is much too important to ignore, consumers love it - so should you!
  • Facebook - a huge marketing opportunity especially when you can take advantage of all the personal information people provide
  • Google Plus - when Google enters the market with a Social Media platform you have to get involved - this one is growing and growing 
  • Blogging - Google loves fresh content and a blog is the most efficient way of feeding the search engines - it's also a great way to engage with your customers
  • Flickr - bit of a dark horse to many but this photo sharing site is incredibly effective
  • Pinterest - brilliantly simple way to use imagery to promote your business - a top-driver of referral traffic 
And for those businesses in Leisure or Retail you'll need the following as well:
  • TripAdvisor - massive opportunities await the business that learns how to properly exploit the world's leading travel planning and customer review website
  • Instagram - pictures speak and Instagram makes many look like much better photographers than they actually are - great for sharing too
  • Foursquare - fast emerging as essential to any business in hospitality and retail
So there you have it - all the ingredients. 

The question now is what recipe to choose and do you do it yourself, or hire a Heston and guarantee the results?