31 Oct 2011

YouTube Marketing Tips that Increase Website Traffic

Video can be the most effective marketing tool for your business and you'll want to have a plan in place to make the most of using YouTube as a marketing vehicle for your company. 

With millions of videos being uploaded to YouTube monthly, here are five video marketing tips you can easily implement to ensure an effective YouTube marketing campaign.

1: Use Keywords In Your Title

While it may be fun to use a cute or funny title, you can really maximize your search engine optimization efforts by including your company's top keywords in the title. If you haven't already done so, compile a list of the top keywords phrases your target audience is searching for in search engines. Once you've determined your top keywords, create videos around these keywords. When you're adding your video to YouTube use these keywords in the video title. The title of your YouTube video helps search engines know what your video is about and indexes your video accordingly. The trick is finding keywords that work for search engines and is still catchy to a viewer.

2: Write Good Descriptions For Your Videos

Treat your video descriptions like an advertisement. The description is what the viewer will read to determine if they'll watch your video. Avoid common mistakes like misspelling, poor grammar and overusing a keyword. Be sure to include the keyword from your title in the meta description, just don't overuse the keyword in the description since this will appear spammy. Another important factor is to make sure that the first 60 characters of your description includes your most important text, including your website url. Google shows the first 60 characters of the description before cutting off the rest of the description and adding an ellipsis.

3: Add Tags To Your Videos

Tags can help you label the videos you upload so that other people can find them easily and more importantly they help YouTube determine what other related videos will show up when your video is finished playing and vice-versa. Tags also help YouTube index your video which means your video can show up in a regular search engine outside of YouTube. Be sure to use quotes around tags that are phrases.

4: Encourage Viewers To Embed Your Video On Their Website

Having other people embed your video can be great, free advertising for your website. It's a good way to increase exposure of your video to people outside of your network. It's also free advertising for your YouTube video channel if a viewer presses on the YouTube link on the video.

5: Tell Viewers What You Want Them To Do

This is a common mistake made by people new to video marketing. If you want people to visit your website after the video tell them that. If you want them to embed your videos tell them that too. Having a call to action in your video is extremely important. Remember although the format is video, the rules of marketing still apply.

So finally, if you're serious about using YouTube for marketing your businesses and generating traffic to your website, then:
  • Use keywords in your video titles
  • Write good descriptions
  • Add tags to your video
  • Encourage viewers to embed
  • Tell viewers what you want them to do
These steps can not only help you get found by your target audience but can increase traffic to your website. At the very least you'll be doing something different from your competitors.

Original article: SooperArticles.com