5 Sept 2011

Your Tourism Destination Strategy is Wrong

As the digital shift continues, many tourism destinations are falling behind…focusing on followers and fans…rather than providing answers, being helpful and getting potential visitors to actually visit.
The infinite information available to the traveler.
The goal of every destination marketing organization is to turn prospective planners into actual visitors.
But in this new digital decade, many within the tourism industry have lost focus in the blinding light of visitation, stickiness and time spent.  We want our digital visitors to stay longer and click on more links, widgets and tweets.  Follow our Twitter feed, forward our wall posts and check out our blog.
But is that really the best way to fulfill your mandate as a destination, CVB or DMO?
Is that the best way to entice consumers to visit your little slice of paradise?
Is that the best way to help people?
Information about your destination is now available from a limitless number of sources...social foodie or professional travel writer...why should I, as the traveler, seek my answer within your digital boundaries?
Are you providing unique expertise?  Or speed in answering my request.  Perhaps relevant information by scanning my social graph.
The traveling public now has thousands of sources for information about your destination, why should they use yours?
Tell me.  Why?
Your strategic plan is not built with social integration, mobile apps and clever campaigns.  No, the new destination strategy is going to be built on speed.
I am often asked what makes a great destination strategy and the honest answer is a simple one:
Your new destination strategy is delivering valuable answers in less time than the other guy.
Answers that will get people to your destination...rather than just clicking the 'Like' button.

Article Source: Travel2dot0.com