19 Aug 2011

Smartphones set to replace PCs & Laptops

The digital age is entering the "post-PC world," according to new research.  

PCs and laptops are being replaced by mobile handsets and tablets as the favourite devices used to access the Internet.

The next 12 months will see a transformation in the way users connect to the Web, according to the research, with tablets leading the charge. Currently, 79% said their personal PC or laptop was their favourite device for accessing the Net. But a year from now, that figure will plummet to 42%, while 40% said a tablet, mobile phone or e-reader would be their top choice for going online. Another 7% will use an Internet-ready TV, while just 11% will continue to use their work PC or laptop.

And apps are part of the game-changing mix as well, GWI reported. App use is growing by double-digit percentages this year. Between February and June, the use of gaming apps worldwide was up 19%. In North America during the same period, the number of smartphone-using consumers who downloaded an app within the past 30 days was up 14%. "Apps and device-specific platforms help create a diverse and disconnected Web," the report concludes.

What does this mean for your business? You need to make sure, as a minimum, that your website functions correctly when accessed via a smartphone or tablet computer. There is plenty of evidence that those companies that have already 'gone mobile' are seeing significant return on investment - Hilton Hotels being a great example. 

GWI interviewed close to 100,000 individuals in 27 different markets in June and July.

Article Source: MediaPost