1 Dec 2010

Why I want to stay at this hotel...

The Apostrophe in Paris is a hotel that I want to stay in the next time I go to Paris because their website has convinced me that they know how to make sure that I have the best possible time. The website talks to me like I am someone they want to get to know.

It shows me beautiful images of the hotel, describes each room in sensual detail and includes short videos like this below to help convince me.

I am offered a choice of languages and the content is different in those different languages. The content sells the Apostrophe experience differently to different audiences. But what I really like about the Apostrophe Hotel website is that it sells me Paris. Paris in detail, it's caf├ęs, restaurants, attractions and the atmosphere of the city's famous districts. Next time you think of visiting Paris visit http://apostrophe-hotel.com/design-hotel/ and let them convince you. A hotel website that sells you the destination and doesn't just talk about the hotel itself.