2 Dec 2009

Helpful Hotels

Providing visitor information on your hotel website will significantly enhance the chances of you getting the booking.

However, as many as...
38% of consumers will avoid booking a hotel because the hotel website does not give them enough information about the destination! 
[Forrester Research]

When potential customers visit your website, that is your opportunity to convince them they should choose your hotel.

Helping consumers and encouraging them to book your hotel should be amongst your highest priorities. Providing up to date, relevant Visitor Information can help reassure guests and compel them to book. Letting them know more details about the area they will be staying in can only HELP the decision making process in your favour. Trust in your hotel will be at its greatest when consumers are given the much bigger picture of the local area. People are looking for more information, and are seeking ideas and incentives to help them make the most of their stay. By helping consumers you will be helping yourself.

Are you a helpful hotel? Helpful hotels are tour guides helping consumers capitalize on their time during their stay. Helpful hotels do a little bit more than just let you stay the night, have breakfast and then swipe your credit card. Helpful hotels care about whether or not their guests actually enjoy their stay. Helpful hotels provide this essential visitor information prior to the booking because they understand it will improve their look to book conversion ratio. Examples of helpful hotels within the iVisitor Guide network include:

Chester Grosvenor & Spa
Grosvenor Pulford and Spa by Kasia
Alderley Edge Hotel
Inglewood Manor

If you'd like to join the iVisitor Guide network please let us know. Together we can make sure that you don't lose those 38% of consumers who otherwise will be booking to stay somewhere else.