10 Dec 2009

Visitor Information Service

iVisitorGuide is a visitor information and travel planning service delivered in partnership with your regional tourist board. Tourism Providers subscribe to receive tailored data sourced from the tourist board which can be geographical e.g. we compile a list all Things to Do within a 10 mile radius of Hotel X, or the Tourism Provider can also choose products that are more complementary to their brand e.g. a 5 star hotel may refer clients to Michelin or other award winning restaurants in the locality but may choose to omit takeaways or fast food joints.

The important point is that the visitor information displayed is detailed, up to date and relevant to the consumer not only because it is all local to where they propose visiting but also because the Tourism Provider has had the opportunity to select products appropriate for their target market.

The vast majority of Tourism Provider websites make little or no effort to properly explain what else there is to do in a destination and access to this type of content is much more important to consumers than Tourism Providers perhaps realise. Research by Frommers Unlimited indicates that 66% of consumers find travel websites do not have enough information on Things to Do.

“Our survey has really highlighted the consumer experience problems which travel companies need to address in their websites,” said Joel Brandon Bravo, general manager of Frommer’s Unlimited.

“However we also identified what people most value when they look online and the point at which that information was useful. We also found clear signals about the importance of providing online descriptions of the destination, images and maps because more than two thirds of respondents wanted this when planning and booking their trips.“

The research goes on to indicate that the following items are important or very important to consumers:

• Online pictures of accommodation and facilities (76%)
• A written description of the destination (72%)
• A destination map (70%)
• Destination activities and events (67%)
• Weather information (65%)
• Travel information (60%)
• Local dining information (51%)
• Local sports and leisure information (33%)
• A video of accommodation (30%)
• Video of the destination (25%)
• Details of family and children’s activities (20%).

iVisitorGuide websites contain all of this information [where appropriate] as standard. Importantly we make this all available to Tourism Providers in a way that involves them in very little effort; the data is maintained as standard by the regional tourist board. Check some of the example sites that appear in the right hand margin to find other tourism businesses who really care about helping their customers.