11 Jun 2014

Why Mobile Marketing is Crucial for your Business

mobile marketing
Mobile marketing is here to stay; businesses across all possible niches are starting to implement mobile marketing strategies successfully. And they have compelling reasons to do so.

Entrepreneur have listed seven key mobile marketing stats and what it means for your business.

1. Mobile is the new leader.

Google has predicted that mobile searches (85.9 billion) will overtake desktop-based searches (84 billion) in 2015.

2. Thinking local.

40% of mobile searches are local in nature. A staggering 77% occur when the searcher is not on the go, but rather at home or at work.

3. Quick conversions.

81% of the conversions from mobile search happen within five hours of the search.

4. Opportunities to connect.

The top five tasks for which smartphones are used are making a phone call (83%), checking email (74%), searches (67%), taking pictures (62%), and accessing social media (57%). Each of these tasks can be used by businesses to further their mobile marketing objectives.

5. Peak times.

The frequency of mobile searches increases in the period from 8 pm to midnight and mobile searches double during the holiday season.

6. Not just the kids.

The 55–64 age-group constitutes the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter. For Facebook and Google+, the demographics are 45-54.

7. Apps preferred.

85% of mobile users feel more at ease with apps as compared to mobile websites.

This all tells us where the traffic is headed. Is your business ready to take advantage of the explosive growth by mobile users?

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