28 Jun 2012

SOLOMOCO is the Future of Marketing & PR

Mobile marketing will be a mainstream commercial powerhouse. Local search will be a key battlefield. 

Social media will continue to be part of everything. That’s the future of marketing and PR according to Google’s Head of Social and Mobile Solutions, Tim Reis.

Sure social is already hot and we have been hearing “mobile will be a game changer” for the last few years but Reis recently lifted the covers at the Think Small Achieve Big conference hosted by Vocus and gave a peek of where the next five years will take us and how we can position for success.

SOLOMOCO = SOcial, LOcal, MObile, COmmerce

First in the mobile conversation, let’s set the record straight says Reis, “apps are not a strategy, they are tactical,” and in the design process of those apps “pinching and zooming is not the mobile experience your customers deserve.”

Most people are no more than three feet from their smartphone at any given time and one in four people even use it in the bathroom. It is a private device that we keep very close so how a marketer uses it needs to be carefully crafted.

Talking to your target market via mobile is an intimate and powerful conversation. P&G can shout at consumers about Tide on a commercial but try shouting at a consumer on their iPhone and you will be shut down quickly. How do we get our message across then?

We don’t. We act as a resource, making it easier for consumers to find us, buy us, and talk about us.

One in three mobile searches has a local intent where 61% call and 59% visit. That is a high conversion rate. Harness it by understanding how your consumers are using mobile and social and be ready for them.


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