26 Jun 2012

Hoteliers benefiting from search engines

Holiday-makers are turning to Google in order to find information about the perfect hotel for their trip.

That’s according to a report by travel research firm PhoCusWright entitled ‘Reading Between the Links: Why Travelers Use General Search Engines’, which found that travellers are using search engines to look for hotels rather than airline tickets.
In terms of statistics, three-quarters of travelers use search engines to look for hotel rooms, while just 58 per cent search for airline tickets.

The main factor as to why hotel searches are so high is due to the complexity of booking. Users take to Google in order to research a variety of factors in their search for a hotel whereas air travel is a much simpler choice: choose airline, price and schedule.

Carroll Rheem, senior director of research at PhoCusWright, commented on the statistics, cited by phocuswright.com: “Hotels are an intimate purchase, especially when compared to flights. They can make or break a vacation, so most consumers prefer to soak up as much information as possible before they commit to their accommodations.

“Search engines like Google have no way of providing the level of detail consumers need to pick that perfect hotel so they wind up shopping and booking on online travel agencies or hotel websites,
” added Rheem.

Article source: Vertical Leap