7 Mar 2012

ABTA demands Government ends 'lop-sided' support of domestic tourism

ABTA has written to Chancellor George Osborne demanding that the Government ends its "lop-sided" support of domestic tourism on the day that VisitBritain launched its biggest and most expensive campaign to promote holidays at home.

The call for the Government to support all types of tourism equally is included in a letter to the Chancellor presenting ABTA's wish-list for the budget on March 21.

"ABTA welcomes the Government's focus on tourism but a policy that only recognises the domestic sector is lop- sided," it said, "the Government needs to recognise and support the domestic, inbound and outbound sectors, which all contribute economically to the health and well-being of the nation."

ABTA chief executive Mark Tanzer said it was important the Chancellor supported all three travel and tourism sectors: domestic, inbound and outbound.

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