7 Feb 2012

Tourism Vancouver Asks The Right Question - What Is The Purpose Of Tourism?

Travelling is not just seeing the new; it is also leaving behind. Not just opening doors; also closing them behind you never to return.

The above musing by Jan Myrdal started Howard Jang, Chairman of Vancouver Tourism thinking about what the “cause” of tourism is really about. The video that follows is a conversation between Anna Pollock and Howard when Anna was asked the question - what is the cause or purpose of tourism? Here's Anna's response...

Howard went on to say "I’ve long felt that there is more to tourism than making the cash register ring – important and fundamental though that is to our industry’s well-being and to this very organization. Yet there seemed to be values inherent in tourism that are broader, more meaningful, and possibly at the very foundation of a sustainable industry – one that is in the longer term profitable on many fronts."

I've posted this because I see DMO's in the UK trying to operate in a commercial capacity, chasing commission and membership fees to such an extent that 'strategic' tourism leadership is in danger of being left behind completely. 

Anna makes a compelling, valid and heartfelt plea for us all to remember 'what' tourism 'is' and 'why' we should be involved in it.

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