20 Feb 2012

Tips & Tricks - Using Pinterest to Help Build a Brand

As with most social media sites, Pinterest started out as a place for individuals to connect with friends and then developed into a place for businesses. 

Pinterest is currently on the brink of individual-to-business use, so now is a great time for your company to get started. This new site has been growing exponentially since its launch in March 2010 with nearly 7.2 million unique visitors according to Site Analytics.
What most companies don’t realize is that you do not have to be a design company to use Pinterest to your advantage. The site isn’t strictly photographs. Infographics as well as videos are welcome on Pinterest and can be added to someone’s board.

Below are some of the reasons that every business can benefit from Pinterest.

Visibility and SEO:
Every image that is pinned will include a link back to the website where it originated. This helps to spread the word about your company and what your company can offer. Not only will this improve the visibility of your brand, but there are SEO perks because the links will count as inbound links.

Photography Popularity: People are simply more interested in photos than they are articles. Part of the reason every article on the Web is accompanied with a photo is because photos can grab the attention of readers. Infographics are also extremely successful because they are an alternative to blocks of text. In other words, a site centered around photography is only going to continue to grow. This will further increase the visibility of your site.

Interaction: The site will allow you to interact with customers, clients, and others in the industry in the same way other social networks do. This will help you build connections through a medium that is comfortable for your customers. It’s also extremely simple to manage Pinterest (unlike many of the other social networks), so this will help save your employees time while still building relationships.

Target Audience: People choose which topics they would like to follow and which topics interest them. If they choose “business,” for example, as a subject that interests them, then your photos and/or infographics will come up. In other words, you will be getting the right sets of eyes looking at your material. Because everything links back to your site, this could be a great way to find potential customers.

Original article: MPDailyFix.com