6 Feb 2012

How Computer Geeks Aim to Put a Stop to Fake Online Reviews

A collection of five-star ratings can do amazing things for a business. 

It’s not all that surprising, then, that hotels, restaurants, local services, product manufacturers, and even doctors and dentists are known to plant glowing reviews, pay for perfect ratings, and otherwise manipulate the system. What can be done to stop them?

A recent New York Times story about how one manufacturer gave away tablet cases for free to customers who posted reviews of the product on Amazon brought to light one of the many shady ways that businesses game online reviews and ratings to their benefit—and to the detriment of unsuspecting consumers.

The net result is that while the Internet should increase transparency and give shoppers access to loads of information and the honest, unbiased assessments of the masses, consumers often feel engulfed in a murky web that’s not entirely trustworthy.

Just how prevalent are fake online reviews? Read more: http://moneyland.time.com/2012/02/06/how-computer-geeks-aim-to-put-a-stop-to-fake-online-reviews/#ixzz1lbkruEhF