17 Jan 2012

What hotels should do with Google+ and why it matters

Hotels already have trouble finding the time and manpower to manage Facebook or Twitter, and these two outlets still win out over Google+ in the “Great Social Battle.” 

So, what is a hotel to do, when Google is suggesting that its newest venture is a key factor in search engine performance?

TIG Global is skeptical on how much Google+ will truly affect an individual hotel given the current Google+ landscape. Leveraging Google+ to positively impact your rankings requires an active user base. Therefore the company suggests, only spend your time here if yours proves large and engaged enough to make efforts worthwhile. If you find yourself in that lucky and unusual situation, the strategy to leverage this social channel will sound familiar:

1. Optimize your posts: But do be careful. Keyword-stuffed posts sound unnatural, and users won’t gravitate to them. Remember, the idea is not only to get users interested enough to read your posts, but to make them entertaining enough to pass on to friends and colleagues. Weave keywords in naturally, and be sure to provide useful and interesting information.

2. Create content worth sharing: Funny, exciting, controversial, etc. The more people who share information about your business, the greater the likelihood of that content showing in SERPs.

3. Don’t rely on users to correctly tag your photos: Photos are one of the easiest ways to engage users on social networks. Uploading a photo named “beachshot1.jpeg” might be fine for a user, but it’s not going to help you in search results. The lesson? As a best practice, learn to name your photos with descriptive keywords – “hotel-xyz-miami-beach.jpeg” will let Google know how to classify the image.

Article Sources: HotelMarketing & TIG Global