3 Aug 2011

TripSketch mobile apps fill green travel gap

If you want to pack your green consciousness and take it with you when you travel, then the TripSketch Green Book app makes a lot of sustainable sense.

There are a plenty of green travel apps on the market for mobile-device-wielding travelers, but most focus on carbon offsets or travel to a single city or region.

Why do we like it? A number of reasons really, such as:
  1. The content - a virtual guidebook of worldwide eco-friendly hotels, attractions, restaurants etc. (very useful)
  2. 20% of all proceeds from app downloads are donated to non-profit social and environmental causes (very worthy)
  3. TripSketch is a woman-owned tech start-up (how many of those can you name?) 

TripSketch Green Book is the first-ever worldwide green travel app featuring eco-friendly hotels, attractions, restaurants and tours plus "don't miss" travel options in over 85 of the world's greatest destinations. With a rich collection of actionable travel content created, collected and checked by their editorial team, users can have confidence that they are getting the best information available on the web, allowing them to plan short breaks and multi-city tours, while avoiding disappointment caused by unavailable attractions or unexpected expenses.Users plan their trip around their interests, budget and time constraints.

TripSketch is industry recognized for its leadership in sustainable travel. For instance, it was awarded 1st Place in the Eco/Green category by Nokia at its 2010 “Calling all Innovators” Competition. More recently, it was highlighted in USA Today: "TripSketch Mobile Apps Fill Green Travel Gap" by Dennis Schaal http://ht.ly/5HCxk

The app has been embraced by not only the travel and eco/green communities, but also family travelers, mummy bloggers, frugal shoppers, and others.

As the video says, "Green Travel - what does this mean anyway? If green travel conjures up visions of hotels forcing you to use the same wet towel over and over again; motion sensors switching off lights if you are not in constant motion; restaurants that focus on brown rice, tofu and chard; or transport options featuring at least three bus changes...think again."

For further information and to download please visit www.tripsketch.com/mobile