25 Aug 2011

QR Codes Soon To Be More Important to Local Business Marketing Than Facebook

I know, I’m sticking my neck out with that. But watch what happens as QR codes catch on in the US.

Here is how QR codes work:

A QR or quick response code is a scanable barcode similar in concept to the price barcode you see on products for sale these days. A QR code can be scanned by smartphones, and is created to send the scanner to the internet page or text associated with that code matrix.

You can go to a number of qr code generator sites online to create a scannable code that you can print anywhere, as you’ll see in the following video. You create a QR code to provide more information, to introduce a special or sale or suggest something else your customer might be interested in.

You create the internet page on your website to be linked to, create the linking barcode with a QR code generator and publish it anywhere.

Start thinking about how you might use QR codes in your small local business

In the United States it is still the realm of the early adopter – few people are actively using them to get information although a growing number of people know what they are.

Here is a YouTube video prepared by small business internet marketing expert Herb Lawrence that will give you a tour of your own future… after you’ve gotten that website up to snuff and conquered internet marketing.

In his post about QR codes and this video, Herb stresses that he did not check the content behind all the featured QR codes, so if you decide to whip out your smartphone and take a tour of the links, do so at your own risk – they could go anywhere!

How QR Codes will help your business in the future

You’ve probably read some of my previous posts suggesting that in the future smartphones and mobile technology, rather than computers, will be our most important link to our customers.

But whatever they use, phone, tablet or computer, they will still be directed to the internet and your small local business website.

We have to begin thinking of smartphones and mobile technology rather than computers, as our most important tool for reaching our customers.

What QR codes will do is allow you to easily publish a gateway to information about your business in places where people on the go can find and access it. This as you saw in the video is where print meets digital with unexpected and genius opportunities for savvy small local business marketers.

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QR Codes Soon To Be More Important to Local Business Marketing Than Facebook: