2 Aug 2011

How the Facebook Jealousy Effect can Boost Sales

Recent research from Teletext has revealed that over 25% of Britons have been moved to book an exotic holiday after seeing their Facebook friends' holiday snaps online. 

The research found that 10% of people went on to arrange their own holiday after seeing someone else’s trip, despite not originally having any plans to go anywhere, with a fifth going on to book an identical trip to the same hotel.

New technology means that the minute you’ve booked a holiday you can immediately share that information with friends – who can then go on to book exactly the same trip,” said Mark Bloxham, marketing director at Teletext Holidays.

Whilst this research concentrated on trips to exotic locations abroad I believe that the principle holds good for any hospitality business that seeks to encourage referrals via Facebook. A simple idea could be for you to take a picture of your guests whilst they're with you and then posting that up on your own Facebook page - alongside all the other inspirational photos you will have gathered. 

When you email the customer thanking them for their stay [NB you did collect their email address and you do email them post-stay!] you can send them the link so they can 'tag' themselves on your photo. This then appears on their own personal Facebook page which is instantly shared with all their friends - who will now all know the name of your business and that their friends had a great time there. 

Add a unique special offer to your Facebook page and you can soon start to see what new business can be generated - just by using Facebook, just by being Social!

NB The image above was copied from the Best Loved Hotels Facebook page - Jeffrey Epstein and his team use Social Media extensively and very well