17 Jul 2011

Don't Tell Me to Find You on Facebook

More and more businesses are saying they want to increase their social media presence, you see them publishing business cards or hear ads on the radio saying find us on Facebook or Twitter. 

And then, you come to find out, the last time they updated their community was over two months, even as long as 6 months ago, and what’s worse is, they have a Facebook Profile instead of a Facebook Page - I could go on and on with some of the mistakes businesses are making on social platforms.

But, the biggest mistake many businesses are making is that they think they can do social media on their own. They think, “Hey, this is a free service, I am on Facebook everyday, I’ll just run my business’ Facebook Page (or Profile for those who don’t know the difference).

You see, it is not about “Posts” and “Updates” it is about interaction, engagement and developing your brand. It is about delivering and controlling the message you want your clients and future customers to think about your business.

What bothers me the most, is that businesses are not engaging with their customers. They will make a post, and two seconds later a client will ask a question about the post and there is no answer. Why have this media in place if you are not going to use it to its potential and what it is meant for? It is called “Social Media” for a reason. Be social, interact and engage - it’s not that difficult when you decide you want to do it right.

What do I suggest:
  • Find someone dedicated to social media, someone who is willing to devote the hours necessary for your business to have a strong presence on your social communities.
  • Realize that this is not a “free” service. It takes time, energy, resources and technology to make this work.
  • Understand the social media platforms you choose to utilize, as well as, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Don’t tell us you are on Twitter, and the only time you update Twitter is through your Facebook posts.
  • Scheduling is not an option - I can point out a number of local businesses whose updates are on Thursdays, or another day of the week, because that is their day to dedicate to “Social Media”. That’s right, I said “day”.
  • Understand that this is a great marketing scheme, there are a number of ways to find what interests your customers. And, I’ll bet, that if you keep giving them what they want - THEY WILL COME BACK!
  • Finally, take social media seriously, and understand that no matter what you do, people are talking about your business whether you're on social media platforms or not. When dedicating the time to social media - you can help convey the message you want to deliver - because there are 750 million people giving their opinions.
This article was written by Craig Allen