6 Aug 2010

Doing More with Less!

One of the key challenges for DMOs across the UK for the foreseeable future will be how they can galvanise the private sector to participate in the delivery of effective destination marketing. Tourism Providers will have to work more collectively and DMOs will need to play a leading role in enabling this? What can be done by DMOs to make the most of their people and their data – their real assets – in an environment where we need to provide better services but with less money?

The work we have pioneered with iVisitorGuide in the Northwest  proves that there is a way to improve the productivity of your visitor economy AND reduce your budgets.

Now more than ever you will need to look carefully at your budgets and question what value you are able to add to your local visitor economy. We have been trialling a new approach to marketing and information provision over the last 18 months and have now developed a cost effective way of packaging/branding/presenting visitor information using your DMS platform that will dramatically increase the prominence of your regions key products and experiences on the internet.

The service is called iVisitorGuide and is the platform for the online distribution of your DMS data built upon a network of Tourism Providers who agree to cross promote for mutual benefit.

Key benefits to you will include:

·         Increased exposure on the world wide web – for you and your Members
·         Reduced marketing costs
·         New revenue streams
·         Tourism Provider business improvement
·         Taking visitor information directly to the consumer

We are convinced that our approach will revolutionise the way tourism boards work in the near future.

2010 will become known as the year when destination marketing moves from being publicly funded to public/private sector collaboration – where the DMO leads and the private sector pays! What public sector budgets that can be sourced will be used to back the clear and proven winners of tourism – the key UK attack brands. The reality moving forward will be about economy of scale, doing more with less and exploiting more opportunities with the private sector.

iVisitorGuide is the platform that will enable DMOs to manage the changes to come, work more constructively with your Tourism Providers and generate revenues. 

If you work in Marketing/Visitor Information/Commercial or Business Development within a DMO it would be great to meet with you to demonstrate iVisitorGuide and the results of our work to date.