22 Feb 2010

Is Simon Nixon the future of Destination Marketing?

SimonSeeks, the travel website launched by Simon Nixon [probably the UK's most successful internet entrepreneur?] is about to announce a major TV advertising campaign for www.simonseeks.com. For tourism professionals everywhere this website makes for an incredibly interesting case study and I believe that this is a story that needs following and that there are lessons to be learned here for DMOs across the globe.

In the following video Simon Nixon "outlines what was required on launching his new business- from PR to portal partnerships to search engine optimisation. He also talks of the marketing strategy used by Moneysupermarket.com, last years TV advertising costs for the company came to somewhere between £18 to £19 million, and why printing advertising isn't an affordable option." The original article can be found here http://bit.ly/cAqOO9. 

Frustrated at travel websites that did not inspire, inform or engage, Simon Nixon has created a new type of travel website that encourages travel writers across the world to contribute inspirational content and combined this with the technology to enable a consumer to then make a booking. The commissions earned from the booking are shared with the content author and everyone wins - the writer gets paid for their content, the consumer is inspired to travel somewhere new armed with much more knowledge and of course SimonSeeks keeps growing.

Check out the TV advert here... 

SimonSeeks.com is a website that is being driven by a man with a real passion for travel who also has the power, knowledge, resources and money to launch an international venture that addresses what he believes is a huge gap in the market. I for one will be very interested to see where Simon Nixon takes SimonSeeks.com next because if anyone can enter this crowded market place and make it work - it is him!

UPDATE 3rd May 2011

A year later and it looks like SimonSeeks is not viable and Simon Nixon has withdrawn his funding. See link to TNOOZ article that follows for more information:

Simonseeks ends operations, cites business model problems