23 Nov 2009

iVisitor Guide...for Tourism Providers

Recent research published by both Forrester and Frommers indicates that c40% of consumers are dissatisfied with the quantity and quality of visitor information found on tourism websites. If YOU don't tell consumers enough about your location and all that can be enjoyed locally then who will? You don't need to lose a potential customer for this reason anymore.

iVisitor Guide provides this service for you in conjuction with your regional tourist board in a seemless, automated, cost effective and hassle free manner. iVisitor Guide gives detailed visitor information to the online consumer enabling them to make more informed choices, aiding their planning and revealing much more about what is on offer. By giving consumers many more reasons and incentives to visit iVisitor Guide will attract new customers to your business.

We tailor all of our guides around the needs of the Tourism Provider and their understanding of their own target markets and by doing this we encourage more people to arrive sooner, stay longer, do more things and spend more money.

iVisitor Guide complements and adds value to existing Tourism Provider websites rather than replacing them. We work with the Tourism Provider to create a visitor guide that really helps to sell the business as a place to stay, attraction to visit, restaurant to enjoy etc.

Examples of our bespoke guides include:

Ness Botanic Gardens
Tatton Park
Chester Grosvenor and Spa
Beeston Castle

iVisitor Guide is also a business support tool for tourism providers. It addresses a very significant market failure, where businesses left to their own devices do not have the means, knowledge or time to meet their visitor information needs. Better information pre and during visit will help to lengthen stay and maximise spend.