24 Nov 2009

iVisitor Guide Improves Your Google Ranking

A major preoccupation for Tourism Providers is making sure that their business can be found ahead of the competition when consumers search online. This has never been more important given that "78 percent of people in the UK search for information about their holiday online while 63 percent book part of their main holiday online*.”

When consumers do searches they will increasingly find an iVisitor Guide website on Google that not only promotes the Tourism Provider it also, uniquely, gives the consumers lots of ideas and reasons why they should visit or stay at that business. There is a real value to the Tourism Provider in having this element of the service. Google is a highly competitive space and for a Tourism Provider to have an ally, one that totally promotes their business whilst helping to squeeze out competitors is a major benefit.

Google has clear global dominance in online search and it was vital that we could create the iVisitor Guide network of sites in a way that would make them as search engine friendly as possible. Getting to the top of the listings on Google though is complicated by the sheer number of other businesses competing for the same consumers and online space.

All iVisitor Guide sites are designed to be fully search engine optimized and achieve very good Google rankings on behalf of the Tourism Providers that we promote. Currently we are enabling top 20 results for all clients with some businesses achieving first page rankings. These results are achieved without any investment in search marketing, Google advertising or PPC.

The iVisitor Guide online content distribution model greatly enhances the probability of an individual business or cluster being discovered by online consumers. This in turn leads to increased web traffic, more enquiries and more bookings.

* Eyefortravel, 10 May, 2007