Monday, August 4

How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service With Social Media

Are you responding to customers on social media?

Do you customize your interactions with them?

Your brand and online reputation depend on how you provide social media customer service.

In this article you will find four ways social media conversations create an extraordinary customer experience that inspires loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.

#1: Create Unforgettable Experiences

One of the great benefits of providing customer support on social media is being able to connect with consumers in real time. You see a need and you fill it. You hear a problem and you solve it.

Handling customer issues on a public stage can benefit both you and the customer you’re working with—especially if you go above and beyond a generic “Please call us so we can resolve the issue.”

tweet with @citibikenyc mention

Take the story of Paul Young and his unfortunate incident on the way to work. One rainy Friday morning in New York City, he jumped on his CitiBike and headed to work for a day of back-to-back meetings.

As he rounded a corner, the slippery street got the best of him, causing his bike—and him—to crash to the wet ground.

Paul tweeted about his misadventure and was surprised at what happened next:

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Friday, July 25

5 Reasons why you should Blog

Blogs and blogging is not new.

And companies that are serious about their marketing and keeping customers happy are now serial bloggers.

They become addicted to the followers they generate, the Search love that Google bestows upon them and the new business opportunities realised.

Today blogging is an essential component of a Social Media strategy.

If you are not already blogging for your company, here are five great reasons why you should:

Wednesday, July 16

The private sector has to become responsible for Destination Marketing

Endangered species
Tourism providers need to become individually and collectively better at marketing themselves, each other and their own destination. 

I believe that if you can raise the game of the private sector then this ultimately will address all the long-standing issues still being debated re TBIDs, State Aid, the role of DMOs, OTAs, market failure etc.

The private sector has to become responsible for Destination Marketing.

Monday, July 7

Social Media - The DO NOTHING Strategy

The office phone is ringing

You answer it.

Someone walks into the business.

You greet them.

An enquiry form from your website is received.

You follow up with an email or a call.

A tweet mentions your business...


Wednesday, July 2

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media

Social Media Marketing for business is not that new anymore. 

However a lot of businesses still ignore it!  

After all Social Media is a very different way of communicating your company or brand message - and with that comes challenges, difficulties and threats.

There is also the joy of learning new and successful ways of marketing.

But still, maybe you should not use Social Media because it is not for you just yet!

Here are 10 reasons not to use Social Media: