Quick Facebook Marketing Tip: SHARE is better than LIKE

Facebook LIKES are great. But to really become effective at getting your message out to more people you need to encourage your followers to SHARE. 

As in life the more Shares you have the less you need to care how many people Like you!

10 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Internet

Anqor - the new global device, get online anywhere, anytime!

Anyone who does a lot of travelling should keep an eye on how a new product called Anqor is developing.

A single click brings you online anywhere in the world. No roaming and no more frustrations - access at all times.

Liberating the mobile internet

One of the basic principles of the World Wide Web, is that it should be accessible from anywhere in the world. With millions of mobile devices, the internet is essential to staying connected. It is the gateway to new knowledge, reference, and inspiration. It is the lifeline for your network, colleagues, and family while you are on the go. It is providing the freedom to work from anywhere, whenever it suits you.

Access to the internet on your mobile device is liberating. However, those mobile devices are often not granting you a satisfactory experience – especially not when traveling abroad.

Imagine a device the size of two smartphones in your pocket or bag, a single click, and you are online anywhere in the world. It will even find the best available connection at a low, fixed price. There are no worries about outrageous roaming prices, and no limitations on your experience due to bad connection quality, or because you are bound by the services of a particular provider.

How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service With Social Media

Are you responding to customers on social media?

Do you customize your interactions with them?

Your brand and online reputation depend on how you provide social media customer service.

In this article you will find four ways social media conversations create an extraordinary customer experience that inspires loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.

#1: Create Unforgettable Experiences

One of the great benefits of providing customer support on social media is being able to connect with consumers in real time. You see a need and you fill it. You hear a problem and you solve it.

Handling customer issues on a public stage can benefit both you and the customer you’re working with—especially if you go above and beyond a generic “Please call us so we can resolve the issue.”

tweet with @citibikenyc mention

Take the story of Paul Young and his unfortunate incident on the way to work. One rainy Friday morning in New York City, he jumped on his CitiBike and headed to work for a day of back-to-back meetings.

As he rounded a corner, the slippery street got the best of him, causing his bike—and him—to crash to the wet ground.

Paul tweeted about his misadventure and was surprised at what happened next:

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