8 Apr 2016

Words that I am learning to hate!

Wow, I'm Stoked and Amazed at this Truly Awesome list. 

So I thought I'd Reach Out and Share this with you to try and get your Respect and some well overdue Kudos. Phew!

2 Apr 2016

The Water Diet ... and others I've tried

The Water Diet
The water diet is not a diet in any conventional sense. Its title is not even correct.

You are not expected to only exist on water. However, I have named the water diet as such because drinking water, and nothing else, turned out to be a key to weight loss. A totally unexpected weight loss because I was not intentionally trying to diet.
I was due to take some exams over three consecutive weekends and made the decision to not drink alcohol until I had finished the course. Just simply stopping alcohol still left me with unwelcome options. What should I have instead? So I decided to keep things simple. I would only drink water. No coffee or tea. No soft drinks. Just water. Still water at that, not sparkling.
There were three interesting by-products of this diet. 

26 Mar 2016

The Social Media recipe for success!

It's one thing having all the ingredients necessary to make a cake, but without knowing a recipe and having the right equipment, it is unlikely that you will succeed. 

However, with the ingredients and diligently following the recipe given to you by Delia (or Heston) then that cake will soon be coming out of the oven freshly baked for everyone to enjoy.

But will it be as good as the one Delia or Heston made? 

17 Mar 2016

Social networking is completely out of control these days

Social networking is completely out of control these days. But do the things we do online make sense in real life? 

Follow Jena Kingsley as she tests social media activity on unsuspecting New Yorkers!

9 Mar 2016


Watch People in Other Industries React Hilariously to Being Asked for Free Spec Work. 

Brilliant video from Zulu Alpha Kilo. As they say, "Architects don’t give away their blueprints. Diners don’t fork out free meals. Personal Trainers don’t sign over their intellectual property on spec. This video pokes fun at the speculative creative bidding process in new business pitches. We believe there's a better way for agencies and clients to find the perfect match."